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Onexum Corporation
Strategic Solutions With Global Impact


“When you do R&D for a living,
you inherently have a better
process in place compared to
the occasional experimenter.”


“Cut your R&D time. Get new
thinking at significantly
reduced cost. Keep your
present resources focused.”

What is the Onexum Corporation about?

Onexum Corporation is a solution-oriented think-tank. We conduct product research, design, and marketing services on a wide range of products and topics.
Onexum Corporation is a full-service global outsourcing and off-shoring company with corporate headquarters in the USA. We are capable of exploring and executing new innovations in virtually any market place. We work with clients in the Asian markets, including mainland China, and Mexico, Europe, and in the USA.
Onexum is an R&D powerhouse for businesses with cyclical R&D needs. Innovators gravitate to environments like ours where they can thrive and flourish. Because we interact with businesses, we understand the realities they are faced with. We believe design and marketing excellence is the confluence of business, communications, distribution, and end-user satisfaction.
* Onexum is focusing on new product developments. Our emphasis is on investment in high caliber intellectual capital. Our clients can off-shore their R&D by using our intellectual acuity for innovative solutions. As a result, our clients can concentrate on their business. We understand why businesses cannot sustain a full-time, innovative in-house R&D staff. This is the reason for our place in the global economy.
* Onexum’s management team consists of business-savvy executives and professional specialists celebrating 40 years of successful projects for large international corporations and new business startups. We track project completions with realistic schedules using reality-checking and risk analysis to meet goals. Onexum is culture-sensitive and understands globalization-localization.