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“We use interrelated synergies
in our developmental
process, thus ensuring broader
context considerations .”


“We can work with existing
products in need of
image-refresh or technical
makeovers. Often, this is the
better way to go.”

Design and Marketing Services

Onexum is a part of the global economy service sector. Our diverse in-house capabilities are ideal for outsourcing. We can bring success to utilitarian and non-utilitarian products in the consumer and industrial markets. Innovations can bring immediate sales to cyclical markets or sustain market sales over time.

Need Product Designers?

Product Design Development. In today’s competition you need our designers who understand the innovative process of conceptual sketches, final product renderings, scale models, mockups, and prototypes including human factor, functionality, safety, weight, strength analysis, and price-to-value considerations.
Our Product Designers can visualize your ideas as fully developed and marketable concepts by ensuring product appeal, color coordination and styling, ergonomics, product functionality, and cost-to-price considerations. Spin-off designs can also be explored for low and high-end product variations and accessories.
Our Graphics Designers can provide product packaging innovations and solutions and establish product brand name identity through image development. The packaging design service can also include proper carton sizing-to-content quantity determinations, transportation, and distribution requirements.
Our Technical Writers can write your product literature such as procurement specifications, owner’s user manuals with installation, operations, maintenance, trouble-shooting, service, safety, and negligence sections. We can provide language translations in Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish of technical and marketing literature.
Our Exterior and Interior Designers can provide physical space and psychological environmental solutions to restaurants, hotels, offices, and homes. Our designers understand the concepts that make up for functional, attractive, and efficient space utilization.

Need Marketing Communications?

Marketing and Sales Development. With retail shelf-space booked solid for the foreseeable future, it takes specialists who understand the product entry process and how to realize market-share growth. Our marketing team can help you with market penetration strategy to bring your product to the market place.

Our Marketing Specialists understand product appeal and the right price-to-value mix. We know how to promote product identity branding. We can conduct market research, market entry and market share growth. Our specialists can provide market demographic analysis and distribution logistics. We can create marketing literature such as product data sheets, sales catalogs, brochures, and press releases.
Our Advertising Specialists understand the complex consumer decision-psychology in health, beauty, apparel, sports, and electronic entertainment products in the consumer markets and the industrial, commercial markets. Our specialists can select the appropriate promotional media including direct mail, catalog sales, and Internet sales strategies.
Our Special Event Coordinators can produce seminars, workshops, and tradeshow exhibits at convention centers and larger hotel facilities to increase market acceptance. Topics of interest for specific audiences can be presented in manageable information- components by speakers and event coordinators. We can provide public relations campaigns on any topical issues.